Book or Beer? - 2015

It's either a beer brewed in Brooklyn, or a Young Adult novel.

"Foreign & Domestic" - 2014

Curation of a photographic exhibition from Mark Alor Powell & Hannah Pierce-Carlson at Illges Gallery, Columbus State University - March 2014

The Annotated "Happy" - 2013

A screenshot-friendly “re-presentation” of the 24-hour music video for Pharrell’s “Happy”.
Now archived here:

Masters Birdsongs - 2013

Birds chirping through the silence of the back-nine at Augusta.

Tuning '77 - 2012

A seamless audio supercut of an entire year of the Grateful Dead tuning their instruments, live on stage.
Tuning 77 on

JPG Derrida Interview Transcript - 2011

A JPG transcript of Jacques Derrida on photography and not being photographed.

BarthesByBarthesByBart - 2011

If Roland Barthes' influential memoir "Barthes by Barthes" had been written on a chalkboard by Bart Simpson.
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Of the Chain Of the Hook - 2010

Mining references that are either "of the chain" or "of the hook."

Dreams of Barack - 2009

Charting the collective unconscious through dreams about Barack Obama.

Questions for Tiger - 2009

Culled from more than 150 pages of comments left by fans on in the weeks following Tiger Woods' car accident.
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