Experiments in collaborative storytelling.

For "Exquisite Exhibit" at Atlanta Contemporary Art Center

Collaborations with Marcia Vaitsman & Jonathan Bouknight

Every Swing - 2012-2015

Rules-based remixes from the world of golf.

Bachelorbetical - 2014

99 women in alphabetical order, from the first episodes of seven seasons.

Strokes - 2013

A new kind of scorecard.

I Have Applause - 2013

Reimagining the keynote speech from the March on Washington, 1963.

"And When He Goes, We Wonder" - 2012

A remixed re-imagining of Lance Armstrong's 2001 win on Pla d'Adet.

Waiting Game - 2012

Soundless clips, arranged by length in descending order.

Painters Panting - 2012

A supercut of inhalations and exhalations.

Netflix Concrete - 2011

Concrete poetry, via Netflix.

"Rachmaninoff is Correct" - 2011

Alex speaks to a machine.

Pulled Punches - 2010

A punchless 12th round.

Masters Theme - 2010

A theme, three faces, and an out-of-tune piano.

Stoppage - 2010

The World Cup, minus fans, coaches, balls, refs, goals or celebrations.

Stride - 2010

Marathon running, remixed.

Match Point - 2009

Wimbledon's Women's Final, sans ball.

100% - 2009

Short videos of single frames of film from the 2009 Inauguration.