"Off the Page: Kannapolis, NC" - 8 Magazine, March, 2009

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"American Beauty" - The National, May 2008 - Abu Dhabi

Excerpt: "Robert Frank’s explorations didn’t just try to find out what America might mean, it’s as if each picture had its own double-strand DNA of American Meaning built-in, and the nucleotides came and did their work, and the cell split to form a new page with a new picture wholly unlike the last, each page a generational rebellion, but with papa’s eyes, and mama’s voice. Pure visual fidelity; the perfect sound."

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"Off the Page - Tod Papageorge" - 8 Magazine, Fall 2008, Issue 24

Excerpt: "It's rare, in today's meta-tastic world of process, reference and intent, to come across a photograph that doesn't urge you to think about its maker. The frames in "American Sports, 1970" don't make me wonder about Papageorge, what he was attempting, or exactly how he was making the work. The photographs are silver-gelatin white papers, fully detailed explorations of the human dynamic; here are all the facts you need to know about the infield of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on May 30th, 1970. Yes Al Unser won, but while everyone's looking in the same direction, Papageorge turns the other way, to unearth statistics that detail the horsepower of America's lead foot, pushing us deeper into a war that cannot be won, blitzing through the Darkening Now without as much as a glance in the rear view mirror."

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